Balearic Islands and positive discipline

We spent a very nice time in the Balearic Islands, sailing in Majorca was a pleasure, we saw lots of beautiful sailing boats, winds were just perfect during the day. The island is beautiful and clean and people are very nice. We also had family and friends on board that were delighted with the behaviour of the crew! Positive discipline is working for us! On top of all of this, what a great pleasure it is to be back home, in Spain.

Trapped in Trapani on the Earth overshoot day

This year after spending 3 months sailing around the Med, surrounded by nature, I am more concerned than ever about this day and what it means. From now more we are committed to #movethedate. In Trapani (Sicily), we met with some friends and we spent 3 wonderful days discussing about our planet, minimalism and kids education (all those neo-hippy stuff :-)… and we agreed that humans are a virus attacking the planet. We have to take care of this problem, for us and for the future generations.

Pompeii, where the Internet got started

We literally felt in love with Pompeii archaeological site an its history. What an experience to be transported more than 2000 years back in time, see how (wealthy) Romans were living and how we are still building cities with the same structure than Greeks (yes, Pompeii was founded by Greeks) did more than 28 centuries ago. So similar to what we do know in many ways… but also so distant: the most striking aspect of pompeii (and the roman way of life) is slavery. We have to keep fighting to completely abolish slavery in our world.

Evolve or die

The last weeks confirmed that 'not having a fixed plan' is the way to go. We are constantly adapting our journey to the changing conditions and we think it's the right approach. The crew's spirit is (usually) high, frustrations are low.

Something new everyday

Since we started sailing a month ago, I have been trying to put in place a new 'routine' mode for the family, to match our new life style. The only routine that we were able to establish so far is to get up at 7 am and to go to bed around 11 pm (9 pm for the kids and lights off at 10 pm). This is still very basic and I am afraid that we will not be able to keep this routine when we will have night navigations. We're still working on this.

How to handle an emotional explosion

Once feelings were identified, I decided to go through instead of hiding them, and guess what? I have been accepting and living them and during the the last days, I was able to feel each and every of them (sometimes even crying). Accepting made me feel much better and healthy. Sometimes, a new emotion comes in, one that I am not able to identify, in that case I proceed with the following steps : observe it (be conscious that it exists and analyse it), accept it (it is here for a reason) and deal with it (it is now going to go away on its own).