What’s next?

What would you do after a long period sailing with your family? In our case, life will never be the same as before. We know what we want ; our priorities have changed and are clear. We have spent a long period of time in permanent connection with the sea, and we want to protect it. And we want to be back on the blue as soon as possible.

Sailing the Ionian islands (Greece)

We arrived to Meganisi by the end of June, after some weeks sailing in the Mediterranean sea during the mid season (at that time, most of the boats that we came across at the anchorages where liveaboards). We spent July in the nice Ionian islands (from Olympia to Corfu); some places were very touristic with plenty of charters boats and people spending one or two weeks of holidays sailing. We also knew at that time that we were on our way back to France for a break in our sailing. It was great to be in such beautiful islands to start digesting all the thoughts, emotions and feelings of the previous year.

Dealing with passages, from Canary islands to Greece

We use to hear/read about sailing from Mediterranean sea to the Canary Islands but we can hardly find any information about sailing from the Canary Islands to Mediterranean sea. Sailing back to the Mediterranean sea from Canary Islands is going against the trade winds (Alisios), which is more difficult than going with the trade winds that is what most of the people are doing when going to the Caribean, but it is not impossible.

Mixed feelings in Morocco

It took me a while to start writing about our Morocco journey, because I do not know from where I could start writing. We would never forget our Morocco trip. Morocco is so close but so different to Spain or France. We have French friends who have been living in Morocco, we have Moroccans friends living in Morocco and we have friends with Morocco ancestors. All of them gave us valuable tips for the trip that made us to have a wonderful Morocco tour.