Digital transformation, with instantaneous access to information and easier and faster communications, has connected the people together. We now feel that this constant connection may also keep us distracted from what we think is important.
We are constantly under pressure to deliver more, we are losing our own values from sight. As a result, some of us feel unhappy, afraid or very negative.

Current common educational practices are not preparing the future generations to deal with this rapidly evolving environment. We need to appropriate the changes that the digital transformation is bringing to our lives, and build on them with a positive attitude.

Sailing in SoledadAs a family, we have decided to live up to our passions and values. Our values are aligned with the agile mindset and sailing is one of our passion.
To live our passions, we are taking a sabbatical break. We are doing our best to honor our values and enjoying sailing.

During this period of time we are committed to:

  • Help others to apply positive thinking, agile mindset, agile frameworks and agile tools to adapt their life to the digital transformation. You will find some of our current practice in our blog post, we are looking forward to hearing your experiences and your suggestions.
  • Share our sailing trip adventures with family, friends and everyone.
  • Organise events during this period to promote positive thinking (and more), wherever we are. All help is welcome!