Did I ever talk about positive discipline? I made it, I am becoming a positive discipline facilitator, I have already been practising and I am really enjoying it. I found a super partner and starting this November ’18, we are going to offer online workshops together!

When we were starting agile4life, a friend of mine introduced me to positive discipline. She explained what it was about and it was really aligned with what we wanted to achieve with our children. We want them to develop strong intrapersonal, interpersonal, systematic and judgemental skills, which will help them to build an agile mindset. We bought Jane Nelsen’s book and I started practising and sharing my own experience in this blog. I found child approved parenting in a “women who rock” group and I got in touch with Dary. I shared with her my interest in becoming a parent facilitator and she advised me to follow the positive discipline training. It was difficult to complete the training while sailing, as it is quite oriented to practice: I needed other parents to practice with (dolphins are not that receptive).

We got back on land and I completed my Positive Discipline trainers to become a Positive Discipline educator for parents and schools.

I facilitate  online and face to face Positive Discipline parenting workshops in the area where I live in the Pays the Gex between France and Switzerland.  I am also helping students and teachers to find classes management strategies coming to the classes once a week to facilitate Positive Discipline in the classroom.

Since august 2020 I am also bringing Positive Discipline to the workplace and I am empowering teams to build together positively.

I invite you to check out my website Agile4Life consulting if you want to know more about my work, feel free to contact me if you want to organise a Positive Discipline or Empowering People in the Workplace workshop or training.

PS: Share and spread your network with the news!

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