How to handle an emotional explosion

Once feelings were identified, I decided to go through instead of hiding them, and guess what? I have been accepting and living them and during the the last days, I was able to feel each and every of them (sometimes even crying). Accepting made me feel much better and healthy. Sometimes, a new emotion comes in, one that I am not able to identify, in that case I proceed with the following steps : observe it (be conscious that it exists and analyse it), accept it (it is here for a reason) and deal with it (it is now going to go away on its own).

Our ‘sustainable minimalism’ mission kicked-off! (and we’re still doing great)

Some people are surprised on how we are giving things away, but we are extremely happy that things get reused - it's tiny thing, but it contribute to spare a bit our planet. We got very conscious about this mission toward "sustainable minimalism": when looking for new things (only things that we need!), we always look first at the second hand market.