What would you do after a long period sailing with your family? In our case, life will never be the same as before. We know what we want ; our priorities have changed and are clear. We have spent a long period of time in permanent connection with the sea, and we want to protect it. And we want to be back on the blue as soon as possible.

We entered into the fall season with a lot of energy and joy to be back to land again. I found a sailing club in the area and I have been sailing on the Leman lake. I really appreciate the lake calmness and also to be part of a crew of 6 adults – which is completely different from sailing in family, and it is helping me to go a step further with regards to sailing.

We drove from France to Spain during fall vacation. We wanted to try how it is travelling by car and airbnb. We enjoyed our vacations but we prefer sailing 😉

November arrived, we entered in the grey season. We miss sailing and how easy and simple was our life at sea was. We are taking everything easy, kids have been limited to choose only one sport activity for the year, we are trying to embrace simplicity on land too, avoiding over-commitments – which is not always simple when you love networking and you have a family of 5.

Let us share with you what we are doing to continue living according to our values on land:


We are more committed than ever to reduce our wastes. When we need something, we look to reuse something before buying something new. We are learning more about zero waste attending to some local workshops.



We are balancing our priorities and time to live slow. There is that much things to do that is easy to stress because we are doing too much. In the past we were living too fast, we were busy and stressful, we prefer to do less but more mindfully.


I have the pleasure to announce that Pierre found a full time job.

I am working hard with Child Approved Parenting, preparing online positive discipline workshops and doing the related marketing tasks. Positive Discipline is going to be one of my part time activities. I am enjoying partnering with Child Approved Parenting, we have a very agile approach, we go through the iteration cycle plan-do-test-act.

Agile coaching and training is my other part time activity, I am currently working on developing the activity, little by little, and collaborating with the IEBS business school in Spain.


We keep practising and evangelising positive discipline. We are working hard to model positive discipline at home, being an educator is helping the family to have the toolbox ready to be use. I enjoy doing face to face workshops in French in our area and the online workshops in Spanish and English. Nowadays, we all want to have capable kids able to have and express their own judgement with courage and candour, no matter the language we speak.


We are excellent armchair sailors, we have been following the “2018 route du rhum”. We extended the TV time during the regatta, and kids have spent days building their lego IMOCAs.

Pierre has been taking care of Soledad, her mast has been unstepped and all the stays have been changed. We are looking forward to be back to the sea, at least for the summer vacations.


I will keep the blog, writing about agility in life and things that are important for us and Pierre will follow up on SV Soledad works.

PS: Thanks for following us and reading; if you enjoy the article please share 🙂



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