On the 4th of November 2018, we will be at Geneva’s boat show giving two conferences about our sailing experience and also participating in a forum.

04NOV18 @ 1:00 PM:
How to successfully sail with your family

family sailing picture
family sailing picture

6 years ago, a sailing family inspired me ; it made up my mind and I wanted to do the same with my family… so started the biggest adventure of our family. A deep inner journey, meeting amazing people in some of the most beautiful places around the Mediterranean sea (and a bit beyond 🙂


04NOV18 @ 3:00 PM:
Preparing a sailing boat for a long trip

Is anyone there?
Is anyone there?

During the 4 years prior to our journey, Pierre has been carefully preparing Soledad. So carefully that at first it really looked like Soledad was his mistress 🙂 Most sailors know that “Sailing is fixing your boat in exotic locations” ; Pierre will be sharing how he prepared Soledad and worked during our trip to avoid that. Safety, telecommunication, comfort, electronics… what to take into account when you are going to do passages or long cruises.

04NOV18 @ 4:00 PM
Forum: Being a woman in the sailing world

Ready for a night shift
Ready for a night shift

I am very excited to talk about my experience of being a woman in the sailing world. 6 years ago, I was learning to sail and I felt I was the worst trainee he ever had. Today, I am still learning and I want to inspire other women to take the helm and go sailing.


We are looking forward to meeting you on November the 4th!

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