Something new everyday

Since we started sailing a month ago, I have been trying to put in place a new 'routine' mode for the family, to match our new life style. The only routine that we were able to establish so far is to get up at 7 am and to go to bed around 11 pm (9 pm for the kids and lights off at 10 pm). This is still very basic and I am afraid that we will not be able to keep this routine when we will have night navigations. We're still working on this.

How to handle an emotional explosion

Once feelings were identified, I decided to go through instead of hiding them, and guess what? I have been accepting and living them and during the the last days, I was able to feel each and every of them (sometimes even crying). Accepting made me feel much better and healthy. Sometimes, a new emotion comes in, one that I am not able to identify, in that case I proceed with the following steps : observe it (be conscious that it exists and analyse it), accept it (it is here for a reason) and deal with it (it is now going to go away on its own).