3 weeks ago, I gave my first conference about Agile4Life. What an opportunity to inspire others sharing our journey! I really enjoy sharing some of my passions: family, agility, positive discipline and sailing.

I would not be honest with you if I told you that I am not missing the work environment. Being all day with the kids is a great experience: we see how they are making progress, growing and learning. It is the opportunity of our life (they only grow up once), but it is exhausting! Sometimes, I need to do something different. I am also thinking “What would I like to do in the future?“, thinking how we can build our experience and become some sort of digital nomads.

At the beginning of this year, I contacted Las Palmas PMI charter branch and offered them to collaborate for the time that we would be in Las Palmas. We all (them and I) embraced this opportunity to do some event together and agreed that a conference about agile4life would interest other project managers in the area. Quickly, we set up a program, scheduled the event and launched the communication through meetup. These guys rock! In less than a week we had 70 persons registered for the event!

I engaged to talk about:

  • How we use kanban to prepare our trip
  • Challenges with using discipline positive with our crew 😉

As usual, I prepared my deck and started doing iterative adjustments. On the conf’s day, I felt empowered by my passion and my community encouragements.

I really enjoyed talking about my passions, encouraging the audience to…

  • be more agile, not only in project management, but in life
  • embrace any opportunity of mindset growth that live will give them
  • be positive, applying discipline positive, not only with the kids
  • be happy, life is short so let’s embrace happiness!

The audience were inspired, they took time to come and discuss with me, some of them became followers, others wrote a post about the event and contacted me by email. What’s not to like in when you see so much positive energy? Thank you guys!

We are already thinking about other opportunities to share our journey, feel free to contact us if you are interested to meet us to discuss about agile4life!

PS: Thanks for following us and reading; if you enjoy this article, please share 🙂

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