Are we ready for an Atlantic crossing?

Last months, we had two funny passages: one from Rabat to Graciosa Island and other from Lanzarote to Las Palmas. During the last weeks we have been wondering about crossing the Atlantic. After thinking and discussing about it, we agreed that we are not ready yet - at least not in a way that would make us confident about it. The other conclusion is that we want to be ready to cross the Atlantic ocean by the end of 2018.

Mixed feelings in Morocco

It took me a while to start writing about our Morocco journey, because I do not know from where I could start writing. We would never forget our Morocco trip. Morocco is so close but so different to Spain or France. We have French friends who have been living in Morocco, we have Moroccans friends living in Morocco and we have friends with Morocco ancestors. All of them gave us valuable tips for the trip that made us to have a wonderful Morocco tour.

Balearic Islands and positive discipline

We spent a very nice time in the Balearic Islands, sailing in Majorca was a pleasure, we saw lots of beautiful sailing boats, winds were just perfect during the day. The island is beautiful and clean and people are very nice. We also had family and friends on board that were delighted with the behaviour of the crew! Positive discipline is working for us! On top of all of this, what a great pleasure it is to be back home, in Spain.